Subscription Plans & Pricing
  • There is a one time set-up fee of $995.
  • The set-up fee includes 20 hours of Premium Services.
SOHO Business Enterprise
Subscription Fee $20/mo $75/mo $225/mo
Data Storage 5GB 20GB 100GB *
File Transfer 10GB 50GB 250GB *
Property Profiles 50 200 1000 *
Web Hosting
Seamless Mobile Experience
Google Maps Integration
Google Analytics Integration
Search Engine Optimized
Lead Capture
Accommodation Management **
Property Management **
Project Management **
Trust Accounting **
Independent IP
Dedicated EC2 Instance
SSL Security Certificate
Basic Support Ticketing System Ticketing System
Direct Email
Ticketing System
Direct Email
* leverages cloud computing resources to facilitate unlimited scalability. Please contact us for details.
** Coming soon.
Premium Services
  • Premium Services are in-person professional services provided remotely.
  • Facilitated using telephone, email, teleconference, and screenshares.
Service Details
Consulting Assistance, Migration, Analysis, Training, etc.
Creative Design, Branding, Consulting, Frontend, UI, UX
Development Systems, Features, Migration Scripts, Automation, Integration, Code & DB Customization.